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OUGD603: Brief 2 - OAC Photography // Look and Feel Pitch

Since this brief is a live brief, I need to present the client with a look and feel before I get started with the design of the website. Obviously, this isn't the final design. This is just something I've created as a style setter almost. It's only the homepage. I learned about creating look and feel concepts during my placement at Bloom Agency over summer.

Following this, there will be research, wire frames, more research, design, more research and then development. Once this concept is signed off - or I'm given the necessary criteria to being building the design of the website.

I also sent over a concept for the website navigation. When I was working on Codex Books over summer (a freelance project) I developed a nav system, where the header collapses, and follows sticks to the top of the page. I've implemented this to the concept for now - I mocked up a video showing how it works.

Client Feedback

Having looked through the basic layout of the site, I feel it could use a more 'fun' feel to it. With it being a site to attract families and show colourful shoots, It appears more formal than fitting to the audience. I do think the layout and the idea of the images linking to other pages is easy to use and is a good idea to use throughout. Maybe make the images more of a main feature? The black and white theme is a good touch, giving a lot of my main images are shown in this way, but maybe add a bit of colour to odd pages or sections.

Giving odd things that are not really a huge deal, the site altogether looks clean, professional and I really do like it.


Fairly pleased with this feedback. Adding some fun to the website could come in the form of the addition of colour, or even more full width design. Impactful, and memorable. OAC does actually have an additional brand colour, a deep red/purple. Which has been used on the business card, which I created last year. Not pictured very well in the photograph below. 

Will amend and resubmit to the client. I also asked to to look at a Demo Select theme, and tell me what she likes and doesn't like about, to see if I can implement any of it's features into the design.

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