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OUGD603: Brief 1 - SAC Ampleforth // Gym Brands

I've undertaken some quick research on existing gym brands - just taken from behance. I've done this to get an idea of some smaller less corporate brands and how they present themselves visually. Which I might be then able to interconnect with the reworked visual identity for SAC Ampleforth. 

The first gym brand I've looked at is Platinum Gymnasium. I'm not entirely sure if this is the rebrand that has been used, however it covers all the bases for my research. The logo is pretty simple, using clean gothic type for the most part. The subtext which reads 'gymnasium' has had the tracking altered so the type sits better under the logo, with arrows coming off each side aligned with the word 'platinum'. The symbol above which is okay. The idea behind it is good - using the mirrored shapes to represented the P of Platinum and the G of Gym. However, I don't think the stylisation of the symbol - the drop shadows and highlights work well, it doesn't fit with the type. 

The designer was nice enough to leave the grid system on his behance. 45ยบ angles have been used to create the logo. Some elements of the logo don't line up, multiple diagonal guides have been used only a slightly apart - I don't think this was necessary. 

The flatter version of the logo applied on imagery. It stands out, although the white slightly transparent type doesn't sit too well over the content in some areas. 

Alternative version of the logo using colour.

Better examples of how the logo sits on the imagery. Although, the designer has used a slight drop shadow or an outer glow to make the logo stand out more from the background. 

I also looked at the brand for Underground Fitness. Using a similar colour scheme to Virgin Active. The logotype is clean and modern, using a hierarchy system by adjusting the weight of the type to establish the order of importance. 

Really ace collateral, using the colour scheme consistently throughout the brand. Another good example of how the designer has paid attention to the hierarchy of the type within the design. Using different sizes and weights of the same typeface to create the sense of importance. 

The iconography used within the wayfinding is fantastic. Incorporating elements of the symbol into the icons. It's fun, and I think it's hilarious. 

A really refreshing use of imagery within the layouts. Using bold or semibold weights within the copy to overemphasise words and phrases - making them stand out, drawing you in. 

I also looked at Odin Crossfit - a more stylised brand using the 'god' factor to make their workouts and programmes seem 'godly'. 

Odin have branded various sets of equipment, such as kettle bells and weighted jerry cans. Which is almost like brand reinforcement, seeing the logo everywhere you go - always being reminded where you are and what equipment you're using. 

Finally, I've just grabbed a shot from fitness box. Mainly because I like the style of iconography used, really simple and not too complex. The logo is a cube, but it's been designed isometrically, so you're able to see three sides of it - each one has been coded with a different tone of grey. Which could represent the three specialisations of the fitness centre. 

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