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OUGD603: Brief 1 - SAC Ampleforth I // LA Fitness Research

I've continued to look into existing fitness brands, which I will evaluate and determine what works, what doesn't work. Generally getting ideas for what I can apply to SAC Ampleforth's rebrand. I've looked at LA Fitness - they were a client of Bloom. 

Below is an image of their website. 

LA Fitness are to launch a new range of classes under the 'Primal Series'. PS involves getting back to basics, the primal primitive movements. Working your body like nature intended. Which then splits into a range of classes under this theme. 

Below you can see the list of classes and their associated imagery. All of which have their own unique colour, this allows each class to stand out amongst the others, by relating to a colour. So you'll think Primal + Blue = Primal Core. 

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