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OUGD603: Brief 1 - SAC Ampleforth I // The Competition - Virgin Active

As part of this brief, I want to see good examples of existing, well branded, gyms. Analysing what they do - what works, and what doesn't, and seeing how visually I can set SAC Ampleforth apart from these brands.

I've looked at Virgin Active, the gym chain I'm a member of term time. Part of the global mega brand; Virgin Group Ltd. Which also offer: Banking, Beverages, Travel, Video games, Consumer electronics, Financial Services, Films, Internet, Music, Radio, Books, Cosmetics, Jewellery, Houseware, Retail, Mobile Phones, and Commercial spaceflight. All of which has consistent branding across the board, but I am only going to focus on Virgin Active.

The Virgin active logo, which incorporates the overarching Virgin logo, using the iconic red colour scheme. Behind which is a heart rate/pulse icon, which reflects the health aspect of the brand. The logo has been distorted in a manner to suggest motion - moving, keeping healthy - being active. 

The club splashes the red everywhere. Pictured above is some of the equipment used in their London clubs. Bosu balls and the covers on the benches for example. 

To avoid looking extremely weird, I visited the page of my health club and took some screenshots of the interior. The signature red is used extensively throughout the interior and exterior of the club - from the reception to the gym floor. 

The club samples certain walls and applies the bold red to them, matching with the surrounding furniture to create an impactful zone within the club. 

Other elements of the clubs are the wayfinding and signage, which I will be looking at in the form of primary research - as I will be attending Virgin Active, in The Light, this afternoon. 

Examples of the illustrations used as part of the wayfinding within the club. These are fairly basic.

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