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OUGD603: Brief 1 - SAC Ampleforth // Initial Research

As part of this brief I'm going to look at the existing collateral for SAC Ampleforth, that I can get a hold of. To see what they're already working with, what needs improving - being able to divide up how much attention each element needs in the project. 

The website is based on the same design as Ampleforth College, it's parent company. However, SAC is now being treated as a separate individual brand, so there are no limitations in terms of it's appearance.  The website is not responsive, and it's rather garish white-one-aqua type doesn't really sit right. 

The Aqua is a brand colour, it's used in the logo and across the brand - this could be altered if necessary However, it might be beneficial to keep this aspect in the brand, as it won't alienate the existing customer base. 

Overall, as a general statement, I think the website looks really dated. 

The logo SAC used has been used since the sports centre opened, in the 1970s. The doesn't look awful, however the aim of this brief is to bring the identity of the brand into the modern age. I think the logo will have to be altered to do this. 

(I've lost the photos I've taken of the printed collateral, bare with me)

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