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OUGD603: Brief 2 - OAC Photography // Pitch Amends

Before I begin work on the website - the wireframes, the website map, and all that stuff I want to get the look and feel right. I've tweaked the original pitch I presented yesterday and resubmitted it to the client.

One of the issues we encountered was the design wasn't 'fun' enough, I felt this was down to the imagery I've selected. It's important to use the correct imagery as it sets the tone of the website, the emotions and the settings of the images reflect on the page. The images I originally selected were stock photos - arty-farty stock photos. The stock photos don't really work, they're not the same style as OAC, and they're usually quite serious and washed out. I've now added photos from OAC Photography's facebook fan page, which really liven up page!

I've also added the deep red/purple which was used on the business card. I've added it to the iconography and any buttons on the page. It makes them stand out from the background, contrasting against the white, whilst also livening up the page with the addition of colour - as the client requested.

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