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OUGD603: Brief 1 - SAC Ampleforth // Further Logo Research

I'm conducting extended research into just logotypes, as I'm fairly stuck on the logo design for this project. Doing so should help me move forward, and finally get this out the way so I can progress with the design for this project - or at least help inform any revisions to previous logos.

I tried to look at a range of 'logos' - ranging from logotypes to symbols, as there is a difference. As I'm not such which would be best suited to SAC Ampleforth's branding, as the company isn't really a design company or a corporate business - it's in the fitness industry. 

I looked at the logo for Erija - not as it's really relevant to my project but the designer included the construction of the logotype, how he's used the fibonacci system to fabricate the logo, assuring the consistency in the weight of the logo.

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