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OUGD603: Brief 10 - Japan Rugby World Cup // Logo Development

I began to work on the logo for the world cup today. The research I've previously conducted has lead to the initial design work, which is really just playing with some ideas at this stage - nothing too refined. Ewan and I are working separately at this point, and then we will come together to combine our idea, or pick the best one.

I sketched out the rugby world cup trophy, and some Japanese type which just says rugby - also playing with other Japanese symbolism such as the rising sun and temple/dojo/houses. Just to get a feel of some things we could incorporate. 

And a Japanese Pavilion. 

Because I can imagine we'll be using the trophy at some point during the design phase, I Neubau'd the outline of the trophy in Adobe Illustrator. Which I can then give to Ewan if need be later on in the design phase, if he needs it. 

From some initial research, we've noticed that Japanese type is written in a number of different manner, but to make it more distinctive in comparison to how we as westerners write, from left to right, we are going to use from top to bottom. The Japanese also write from right to left, however, western developed eyes might struggle to read from right to left. 

The type above reads 'Rugby World Cup Japan'. However, this is quite long winded, especially for a logotype. A shortened version would be more appropriate. 

This is a shorter version, the type simply reads 'rugby', however if you were to say what the icon is it would read as 'Rugby World Cup Rugby', which doesn't make sense. 

The version above reads 'Rugby World Cup Japan', if you read it with the symbol, which works better in my opinion. The logo is very simple, but that's no different from previous RWC logos in the past, as my research has shown. I still want to develop this further, perhaps experiment and play with the typography. 

On the back of this, I created a look and feel image, to show how the type might sit - this isn't final.

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