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OUGD603: Brief 7 - Coffee Culture // Further Logo Research

Following the initial logo development, I've expanded my research into symbols and iconography, which will inform my further logo development. I really want to add a symbol into, which will work alongside the logo type to represent the company.

The illustration above uses a series of circles to create the logo, the vast majority of the curves have bene created using circles to form the design. Other symbols, such as that for Apple and Twitter use circles to create their logos - which means circles could be the key to creating symbols which a timeless effect. Logos which are designed to last, or at least, the foundations of which.

The logo above uses a series of symbols, surrounded by type. Using the type as the container, the wrapper for the type. Using the type to create a shape.

This symbol has also been constructed using circles to dictate the shape of the lines within the illustration. Which has been been mirrored within the typography.

This logo uses a large amount of illustration, contained by a circle. It illustrates San Fransisco. It uses a container for the central type to act as a base for the illustration, San Francisco is  built on steep hills, and the type container reflects this, which is also emphasised by the tram traveling up the hill. Using different stylisations of type to add empathetic to different elements of content.

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