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OUGD603: Brief 7 - Coffee Culture // Further Logo Development

Following my further research, I've tried to push my logo design for Coffee Culture even further. Trying to develop a symbol which will work with the logotype, which I struggled to do previously, earlier this week. 

Illustrating the two elements which are a staple at Coffee Culture - the coffee, and the takes. It's a very literal take on the design for the symbols, and they would certainly work, however, the could be regarded as too simple. Not really extravagant or creative, just illustrating what's already there. 

Based pretty heavily on the San Francisco design in the research post, I tried applying a similar style to York. I was able to include the York city walls, the York Minster and the York Eye. The issues are that it isn't really applicable to Coffee, and that the logos will not work on a small scale. Below 5mm they will just become a blur. 

I then found something which might actually work as a symbol for the company - it's the patterns and images which are created into the foam of a coffee, as decoration. It's called 'Latte Art'. Using this as the company symbol might work, as it's not too obvious as to what it would be, and it's very specific to coffee.

Here's a video to show some 'latte art' in action.

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