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OUGD603: Brief 7 - Coffee Culture // Latte Art Experimentation

Looking at the latte art in the previous posts, I would like to reflect that as the symbol for the company, which will work in tandem with the logotype. 

The first set I created were traced directly from the top of a latte, I traced one half then mirrored the other, so the illustration is symmetrical. It looks quite traditional, however it does look quite steered towards females, due to the love heart heading the art. Perhaps a more unisex version would be beneficial. 

This version of the latte art looks decent, the circle around the edge reflects the edges of the coffee cup. However, in black and white - which the logo needs to work in, looks too much like a tattoo, rather than latte art. 

The final version is the tree/leaf. It has been image traced directly from the top of a latte, I've done this to incorporate some of the texture into the symbol. Rather than having it completely flat, like the two above. It's unisex and it would work on a small scale, as it would retain it's overall shape.

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