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OUGD603: Brief 7 - Coffee Culture // Logo Development

This morning, I spent some time trying to put together some ideas for the logo. I think it will need revisiting and refining from this, I didn't really come up with anything I'm overly keen on, it all seems very basic - nothing too special. 

Standard typography incased in a circle, using a strong sans serif font for the name of the company and a calligraphy for the surrounding type. Trying to add some diversity and character to the type logo by using a collection of fonts in a vintage fashion.

Another variation without the circle around the type. 

Experimenting the iconography, trying to develop a symbol which can be used throughout the brand. A lot of my research used symbols alongside their logo type, and this allowed them to function stand alone without the type on smaller elements of collateral, where the logotype might not be appropriate due to point size.

Digitising Existing Ideas

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