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OUGD603: Brief 7 - Coffee Culture // Collateral Planning

Whilst I was designing the logo, I was thinking about collateral I could produce for Coffee Culture - based of my research. The collateral must contain all the basic existing elements, but I also want to add some more exciting different elements to the shop which will enhance the experience - add some joy, whilst keeping the existing atmosphere.

I mapped out some ideas which I've been thinking about for the duration of this project. From this point, I will probably move onto the brand guidelines, as these will dictate the look and feel for the rest of the brand. 

Things I forgot to include:
  • Loyalty Cards,
  • Website (which is in another brief)
  • Advertising
  • Way finding
  • uniforms
I also threw together using a mock up I had on my desktop to sort of start the project off.

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