OUGD603: Extended Practice Overview

So you're able to see what's what, I've made this post to quick link you to the work, easily.

All briefs attempted with links to post:

*(Projects stricken out have been cancelled for various reasons)

OUGD603: Briefs & Evaluations (Project File)

OUGD603: Brief 01 - SAC Ampleforth (Identity) Collateral Presentation

As part of the branding project, collateral has been produced and mocked up to show the direction of the new visual identity. Here are some shots of all the collateral.

Full range. 

Inners of brand guidelines.

Business Cards.

OUGD603: Brief 04 - The Last Drop // Animated Map

Using the newly created map and route path, I'm animating it in exactly the same way as I did in my test, seen in this post.

Using nested compositions, I've been able to have complete control over each animation element. Other months of experimenting with animation, I've realised that this is the most efficient way to work.

Adding royalty free sound effects to the animation for each individual drop in also adds a sense of realism to the animation. 

The animation itself adds a new element to the project, rather than having a flat static map. It's something new and exciting, not often done. it allows the audience to engage with the project and see the route unfold. It's pretty fancy. 

OUGD603: Design Publication // Video

The finished video of the website – with timed intervals for allocated reading. 

Due to the limitations of vimeo's free account, I'm unable to embed a HD version onto here, so I would recommend viewing the video directly on the vimeo page – for better quality.

Above are images of the individual sections, which the website scrolls through, for easier reading.

OUGD603: SAC Ampleforth (Identity) // Flyer Design

The design of the flyer is meant to be easily adaptable, seasonally. So, if it were winter and they goal was to appeal to body builders, you would introduce a different background image, then add different text. 

The image used above is the same model who appears as the silhouette behind the class icons. Coloured in a duotone fashion, using the brand colours, the light and the dark green, to assure consistency within the visual identity. 

A badge has been mocked up to advertise an incentive for someone to become a member at SAC. An offer of one month free membership. Based on the concept similar to LA Fitness

The typography has been created to work with the brand guideline's rules, and fit to the grid system applied to the A5 flyer document. I also spaced the first line of type to cover the models face. Doing so will allow the audience to imagine their own face being there. Which would associate the gym with success, with their goals. 

Finished flyer. 

OUGD603: Brief 04 - The Last Drop // Further Logo Development

Using some of the alternative concepts, and having a critique with Adam Garbutt and a the co-curator of the pub crawl, Naoise O'shea, I was informed to try and introduce the 'twelve element' into the logo, as they are twelve pubs. 

I went with a decagon design to begin with, which just looked like an over the top road sign, especially studded with the dots around the edge. The Odd shape made it difficult to apply any additional elements to. 

A stylised banner was created featuring the slogan from the pub crawl, using decagons as dots – which you slightly loose, however if you were to gave in closely it would be a cool spot. 

Following which, I experimented further with the twelve sided shape, rounding the edges and such. I ended up drawing inspiration from the beer craft logo, and mimicking a wax seal – with twelve sides. I then added the dotted line within this to mimic the route dotted line on the map. 

I then illustrated one of the York gates, which you can see in the background of the logo, which are synonymous with York. Which was then overplayed with the design elements, experimenting with positioning. 

I decided that using two banners on one logo was a bit too much, so reducing the banner to a block stripe which cut across the logo worked better – using a drop shadow to differentiate it from the background. 

Experimenting the colour – a deep wine red and a bold blue, which are two stand out colours. Both of which are bold, but not too vibrant or brash. I ended up going with the red – for York. 

OUGD603: Brief 04 - The Last Drop // Logo Development

Based on the shield design which I sketched previously, I've begun to develop the logo further to see if anything can come from this direction. For the sake of diversity, I will develop one of the other routes to see how that fares. 

Using the Fibonacci system, a range of golden ratio circles have been used to construct the shape of the shield. Designing in black and white – as a logo/symbol must work in black and white! 

Slowing working in additional elements to the logo, adding all the required elements such as the tag line and the establishment date. Using a darker shade on one half of the shield to create a 3D sense of depth within the logo. 

However, I wasn't happy with the shape, it didn't look too sheild-y. 

So using the same fibonacci system, I attempted to make another shield, which looked much more like a shield. 

Using the Draplin design method, slowing adding elements to the logo, duplicating it, then applying more elements. I began to add additional elements, such as the banner – when has been distorted to make it seem like it's been draped across the shield. 

My research led me to explore patterns on the shield, to fill in the empty space in the background, to avoid looking plain. Experimenting with patterns such as a pump clip – which looked very over the top and more generic patterns, such as the tiled cubes, which looked the best, so I used it as a placeholder for the further design. 

Adding additional elements to the logo, such as the full title, and establishment dates. Also experimenting the how the banner sits of the logo. 

I think that it would be best to explore another option, these looks feel quite weak, and generic, without any personality. 

OUGD603: Brief 09 - Coffee Culture (Website) // Website Showcase Animation

Below you can see the website for coffee culture, which has been animated to show the functionality and usability of the user interface, in terms of it's user experience. Displaying it's function, bringing life to the flat design – which you often wouldn't see with web projects.


 Animated in after effects using the UI kit and the design to create the roll overs and expanding windows to show content which may otherwise be hidden from viewer on a flat design.

OUGD603: Brief 09 - Coffee Culture (Website) // Website Design 01

The final website design for coffee culture, before I have a critique with other members of the course, to get their feedback and see what can be improved – before I animate it. 

OUGD603: Design Publication // Research Collection

Below are a collection of designers and studios who have played a huge roll in sculpting me as a Graphic Designer over the past three years. I'm gathering their works and ideas which have moulded my taste, style and process.

Tobias Van Schneider

Tobias van Schneider is a German award-winning designer raised in Austria & currently living in Stockholm New York City. He has had the privilege of working with companies such as Red Bull, BMW, Google, Wacom, Sony, Fantasy Interactive, Stinkdigital, Toyota, Ralph Lauren, Bwin & more.

Focus Lab

Focus Lab are a close team of creative professionals based out of Savannah, Ga. They are parents, musicians, gamers, runners, gardeners, friends, jokesters, and more. They are passionate about partnering with good people and organizations to produce exceptional work that betters the world around us.

Aaron Drapin

Aaron Drapin is a designer who has informed my logo design process, ultimately as a web designer, who also works with identity Drapin's design process implemented into my own really has shaped the way I design. 


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