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OUGD603: Brief 5 - No. 7 Antiques // Further Logo Development

Following the logo development in a previous post, I began to make more tweaks to the logo, in a similar style to before – duplicating a logotype, making an alteration and then duplicating it again. 

I first added in a sense of alignment to the logo, how it sits on the page. The spacing displayed above using a gird system to show how it works. 

I then tightened up the kerning across the board, making the spacing between the 'No' and the '7' tighter, and tweaking that of the 'Antiques'. 

Adding a serif to the 7, which worked in another variation of the logo, and it seems to fit really well here. It adds a rustic old feel to the type, pulling it away from the modern clean san serif font. 

On the back of wanting to create more of a distressed look to the typography, I added a distressed texture to the font, which created worn look – giving the logo some history, like the antiques which would be sold within the shop. 

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