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OUGD603: Brief 10 - Japan RWC 2019 // RCW Logo

As part of the branding of the RWC, the IRB RCW logo has been used consistently throughout all of the RWC's over the past thirty years. It's an essential part of the brand, so it needs to be updated to fit the 2019 brand. It's a simple as changing the type t fit the new venue. 

I managed to find an EPS of the 2015 Rugby World Cup logo, England. The EPS format made the logo editable.

I had to source the typeface for the logo, but it wasn't available. I managed to find out that it's a private typeface, not available for purchase made for RWC. It's called rwc_regularregular or something like that. 

In order to source what the letter form would look it, I had to find a way to sample the font. Unfortunately, I didn't screenshot this. I visited the RWC website, which used the font for the copy. I used the inspect element tool on chrome to view the HTML and CSS of the website. I altered the HTML to read 'JAPAN 2019', which displayed what the letterforms look like. Zooming in to get the highest resolution of type, and then took a screenshot of it. 

I then imported the screenshot into illustrator, and traced the type, applying it to the original logo, to create new logo. 

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