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OUGD603: Brief 13 - D&AD Pantone // Planning & Initial Ideas

The competition I've selected to work on solo is D&AD's Pantone Brief. I originally planned to brand a location as an independent brief originally, however, as Pantone's brief was released I swapped that brief for this brief.

Reimagine your hometown through a new colour scheme. Think about everything that this identity could include, physical and digital: logo, transport, wayfinding, etc.

The Plan

For this brief, I've chosen to apply a [yet to selected colour] to the city of York.  To bring a new exciting look and feel to the city. York was designated a UNESCO City of Media Arts, for 2015. However the cities a whole, as an entity lacks any unity through a consistent design.

Colour is brave. Colour is bold. Colour is real. And it’s, well, colourful. Pantone supports the creative community to deliver, execute, and live that fact. Pantone sets the standard for colour. Nothing else comes close to the diversity or reality of colour of Pantone.

Applying a consistent colour scheme throughout the city would really liven the city up, in aim to complement it's historic, almost gothic, architecture – whilst also adding a modern vibe to the city.

The people, organisations, businesses, and communities that make up your hometown. Your solution should be something that everyone who lives, works, or is part of your hometown can own, adopt and experience, whoever they are.

The aim is to appeal to the masses, creating an experience which enhances and complements the city centre. Adding something integral and benefitting to the community, rather than adding colour for the sake of adding colour.


Essentially, the audience is everyone in the city – as the colour change will be seen and interacted with everyone in York. I tried to establish the main demographics in the city, and how this will affect the direction of the design.

The main people who will interact with the design would be people who live and work in the city and tourists – so everyone. Because of which, to cater for tourists, a large amount of imagery or iconography will have to be used to illustrate and communicate with non-native english speakers. 

Initial Ideas

I've mapped out some initial ideas of what could be done for this brief. Exploring the various areas of the public sector which could be transformed into new elements, with the addition of colour or a new/modified visual identity.

I fleshed out some possible ideas and directions for this project, as listed above:
  • City Way Finding
    • Signage
    • Printed
  • Visit York Tourism Branding
  • Council Branding
  • York Station
    • Trains
    • Connection between London and Edinburgh
  • City Colour Scheme
  • Construction cover ups
  • Tourism
    • Buses
    • Transport
    • Boats
    • Heritage

An idea which I think might be particularly interesting would be the construction cover ups – York is a very old city, and there are always various construction sites and scaffolding ruining the attractions of York. Perhaps covering them up, as illustrated below. 

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