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OUGD603: Brief 15 - YCN Yorkshire Tea // Tea Branding Study

As part of the research process, I've looked into a few ‘alternative’ tea brands, less mainstream than Yorkshire Tea or Tetley Tea. I found Bare Tea on Dribble, a more alternative tea brand, which uses a leaf icon and a really simple clean logo – I think this modern take on tea would be beneficial to implement into our design. 

The logotype and symbol is really clean and simple, and works beautifully with the symbol. The off black and off-white brand colours, which are sort of on trend. The colour scheme is very fresh and light – which corresponds with the green tea. 

The designer, Salih Kucukaga, explored a range of alternative leaf icon design for the logo, and how they developed to their final stage. Which is really interesting to see. 

The final stem designs, with the colour options added. It's really lovely to see, as the colours have been used to represent different kinds of teas. Such as green teas and breakfast teas. Adam and I could implement this into our design as Yorkshire Tea has various kinds of tea – such as Yorkshire Gold and the variant for Hard Water areas. 

The logo uses modern imagery and typography overplayed on a off-white background, which really makes the colours and the imagery strand out in comparison. 

An overview of the packaging, which wraps around a tin container. The design is very sleek and clean, not cluttered or overly complex. A really strong example of modern packaging. 

The same design the alternative colour for the black tea. Keeping the design the same for both assures that the products work well together as a set. 

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