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OUGD603: Brief 15 - YCN Yorkshire Tea // Design Stage 01

After working through some research which Adam and I previously had undertaken, we began to work through the assets provided by Yorkshire Tea in the YCN package, to see how they could be modified and applied to the product. 

The existing Yorkshire Tea logo, which to use looked quite dated and blocky. It wasn't as dynamic as we would've liked it to be. Our research pointed to fresh logos, such as the Dorset Tea logo for example.  

We removed the black box and outline from around the Yorkshire Tea logo, discarding the red outline, creating a clean logotype, which with a transparent background allows it much more versatile, being able to work with the imagery around it. In this particular example, we tried to raise the E's point size, to match the Y. Although this balanced the visuals, it changed how the logo sounded, adding emphasis to the E, which wasn't needed. 

We tried to adjust the composition of the typography, moving the Tea to the first line, to sit with the Yorkshire. However, the compromised the subheading, Taylors of Harrogate, as it no longer could sit centrally aligned in the logo. 

After decided to leave the composition alone, we then looked at how the logo would work with imagery. Our research showed the competitors using imagery with worked as a wrap around on the packaging.

The main competitor, Dorset Tea, used an illustrative style on their packaging, it looks really good. Fresh, modern and vibrant. Unfortunately, the painting style which is used around the box for Yorkshire Tea looks extremely dated, in comparison. So we've decided to use Photography as the main imagery for Yorkshire Tea – which will allow us to capture the scenery of Yorkshire, but in a more modern way. 

We also tried experimenting with how we could keep the Yorkshire Tea red in the packaging, as not to alienate the brand colour. 

Applying a red overlay keeps the brands colour in, however it over powers the image – perhaps a more subtle overlay may work better. 

Then focusing on the main imagery, trying to capture Yorkshire through photography. We've sourced these images from Google, but we are planning to head out and take our own images for the packaging. The images will be in the form of a panorama, so they wrap around the packaging. 

The images used are all very 'step back', looking at the vast rolling hills, the beautiful natural views and the historic attractions such as the steam railways and the viaducts. Using these almost makes Yorkshire look more powerful, a beautiful area with stunning natural beauty. 

The refined logo works particularly well with the images, as it's stripped back nature allows for the image to pass through the transparent parts, rather than being obscured by the black frame. The lack of complexity in the logo also allows for the image to feel more dominant, drawing attention to it. Visually, it looks far more pleasing and modern. Which is what we're after, as our audience is much younger. 

Quick visual mock up we created in illustrator to show how the box might work, and how the imagery may pan out. Removing the red from the imagery allows the red on the lip of the lid to stand out more. The box visually looks so much more organised, and clear. 

We plan to capture a panorama, so we're able to wrap the imagery around the box, certainly to the sides, and perhaps even the back, if it looks right – however, we'll need space for the copy on the current Yorkshire tea box. 

Integrating the slogan for Yorkshire Tea. 'Let's have a proper brew'. We attempted to see if an arching composition would work, to mirror the rolling hills – it doesn't. 

We ended up keeping the layout fairly similar to the original box, but with the updated imagery, it just looked fresh and clean – much more modern than the original box. 

We tried adding a stroke around the quantity box, however this just made the design more complex, which we want to avoid, so we removed it. 

We attempted to a more rounded lip, which secures the lid to the front panel of the box, however it didn't really feel as strong as the current version – square with rounded corners. So we decided to keep it as it is. Doing this will keep some familiarity in the design. The goal really is to keep the brand as familiar as possible, however refresh it enough to feel different and new. 

Rough design of the box, the spacing and typography will be tightened up following a critique. 

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