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OUGD603: Brief 15 - YCN Yorkshire Tea // Further Design Development

 Additional analysis of some other tea boxes we picked up informed out design process, or at least allowed us to flesh out some ideas and explore additional concepts.

Looking at alternative ways of displaying the information which would be expected on the back of a Yorkshire Tea box, such as the brewing time and other information such as the net weight, or the tea blend. Perhaps even room to display the ethics and morals of the company. Adding the brewing time to the interior of the box adds a sense of interaction to the process of opening the box. 

Additional examples of tea packaging has been used to identity how over designers have displayed the content on the back of the packaging. Using oversized letters and numbers to draw attention to them, creating a feeling of hierarchy within the content. 

Adam and I also explored the idea of using a print within the contents of the box, so that when you open up the box, you're opening it up to the gorgeous Yorkshire Moors. 

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