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OUGD603: Brief 15 - YCN Yorkshire Tea // Brewing Time Development

Following research into stopwatch iconography, I've decided how the stopwatch for this icon should look. I established the mandatories on the icon should be the start-stop button and the lap button around the face of the watch. Doing this creates the familiar shape of the watch, and adding function to the device, almost like you can pick it up and use it. 

The markers on the face have been added for every eighth of an hour, I experimented by adding a marker at every quarter hour mark, however due to the simplicity of the watch, I felt that this could be pushed further. Adding an additional marker between each quarter mark seems to have worked well – even though an eighth of an hour on a stop watch is 7.5 seconds, which you wouldn't typically find. 

I positioned the hand of the watch slightly to the right of the starting position, doing so would suggest that the watch is in motion, bringing life to the illustration. 

In the original brewing time illustration, a teapot has been used to show the brewing in action – almost. However, Yorkshire Tea has their own signature tea pot, which hasn't been used in the illustration. 

I traced the Yorkshire Tea mug, making adjustments to certain areas of it so the perspective appears face on, rather than a high angle shot. 

Transforming the shape into the outline version, to match the appearance of the stop watch. Which has been set to a slight angle, to appear as though it's resting against the tea pot – almost bringing the illustration to life. 

Adding the modified Yorkshire Tea logo, which we created for the front of the box, promoting the new clean modern packaging. The ‘Taylors of Harrogate’ may yet be removed, as it's very small. 

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