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OUGD603: Brief 16 - DBA – Capital North // Logo Animation

I'm working on the motion graphics for the project – creating an animation for the logo which we've created as a group. I plan to animate the logo in a manner where it 'comes together', which will represent the four cities coming together, to unite and work as one – the northern powerhouse!

A rough storyboard was created, to map out how the logo will come together. Each individual element will appear, and come together in the centre, the additional underlapping elements will then appear from underneath. 

As a change of pace, I decided to work in 60FPS at full HD resolution, 1920x1080px. Ordinarily, I would work at 27FPS at 1280x720px – the lower resolution HD. Doing this will allow for a smoother motion, you really can see the difference. Having a higher resolution would also create a sharper looking logo. In an attempt to make the animation as clear as possible for the presentation. 

This will also be beneficial, as it turns out we're presenting this in the lecture theatre...  Upscaling the animation to 4 metres high will result in a reduction of quality, a larger image would preserve some quality. 

The animation of the logo was made mainly using masks. Animating the mask to reveal the shapes in the icon. Doing this made the process much easier – as the overlapping in the centre would be tricky to animate correctly. 


The first animation – on viewing it, sharing it with the rest of the group, we wondering if having a slight pause, only for a few frames, would help the animation flow, as the idea is that the lines disappear behind the overlapping shapes, and then continue out the other side. However, seeing as the lines are comprised of two shapes, the transition under the overlapping shapes is instantaneous – which makes the shapes look disconnected, rather than one shape, weaving under the others. 

Above is the version with a pause.

Out of the two animation variations, the variant without the pause between the two phases – the lines coming together, and the second lines spreading outwards again. Works better, the pause almost looks like a jutter and an error in the animation. The fluid version without the pause works better. 

I threw the first variant into premiere to add the titles and some sound. I used the theme from Man of Steel as a placeholder, proper music, which would be more suiting to the animation will be sourced at a later stage. 


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