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OUGD603: Brief 5 - YCN Yorkshire Tea // Mock Up Construction

Following the design development seen in the previous posts, we looked into creating a mock up for our box, so we can really see how it will feel off the screen. How it looks, sits and works as an object. 

Based on our concepts and the net deconstruction, as seen in previous posts. We applied a rough design to the net, and sent it to print – as we had a print slot handy. 

The box uses a wrap around panorama, which captures the beauty of the rural Yorkshire landscape from every angle of the box – apart from the back, at this stage. Using the red back as a place holder for any copy or other content. 

The inside of the net, which mimics the original net of the Yorkshire Tea box, but at a smaller scale, to save on costs. We know the how big the full scale box will be, as we own plenty of the current Yorkshire Tea boxes. 

A shot of the box mock up, the beautiful Yorkshire landscape dominating the box. Perhaps washing out the modified logo or any other content. Perhaps a revisit of the box design would be beneficial, upon review.

However, we really love the red lid, a banner. We think it really brings a new dynamic to the box. Keeping the iconic red which is associated with Yorkshire Tea, but not obscuring the imagery. 

Further design development for the final boxes will follow. 

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