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OUGD603: Brief 4 - The Last Drop // Additional Logo Research

Looking at additional logos which can be used to inform the design process of The Last Drop logo. 

Monocacy logo, using a really clean simple typeface. Stripped back, using a more condensed font, with a heavier weight and a larger point size for the main heading, and then a smaller weighted font, at a smaller point size for the sub heading to create a sense of hierarchy. 

This brand, Lynlake Brewery, uses it's location in it's logotype. You can see 'MPLS' and 'MINN' either side of the second row of type. Which stand for Minneapolis Minnesota.

Hendrick's gin uses a variety of different point sizes and typefaces in it's logo. It does this to differentiate the information. A heavier larger font, a gothic font in this case, is used for the main information. The brand, Hendrick's and the product, gin. A smaller roman font is used for all the additional information, such as the volume, the brewing location and the establishment date. 

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