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OUGD603: Brief 4 - The Last Drop // Drop Pin Research

The animated and stack map will all feature drop pins, to show the locations of each of the twelve calling points, the pubs. Trying to sweat the small stuff through this brief, I've decided to look at examples of other designed drop pins. 

A pizza drop pin, combining the theme pizza and the drop pin. Using the crust at the top to tie in the idea of a pizza slice, which has a similar shape to a drop pin. 

The sweat stop drop pin uses a water droplet to create the typical circle which you find inside a drop pin. Overlaying two images to create a themed drop pin and a very simplistic manner. 

Less of a drop pin and more of a location marker. Using an image of what you can find at the location which is being marked, a burger. As much as this works, I think it's quick tacky and would fail to work on a small scale due to the detail in the illustration of the burger. 

The drop pin above us a very simple design, very standard, very uniform. Used on maps which are bare relevance and show important information. The minimal stop pins are designed to not distract from the relevant content, only to show a location, as concisely as possible. 

The beer drop pin, a play on perspective to warp a beer glass into a drop pin works quite well. However, something similar wouldn't really fit the theme which we're after with this project. The illustration is quite cartoon like, less mature, and more playful than the direction of this brief. 

The final drop pin, a compressed looking drop pin with a cloud-looking background works really well. It's minimal and clear as to what it is, using a limited colour palette to avoid distracting from any relevant content on the map. 

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