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OUGD603: Brief 4 - The Last Drop // Existing Pub Crawl Maps

Initial research – looking at what's already out there in terms of pub crawl maps, and seeing what works, what doesn't work. Drawing upon them to develop the map for The Last Drop. 

The map pictured above is for numerous pub crawls around Leeds – all rolled into one. Reflecting the London Underground map design, by Harry Beck. This design works well for multiple pub crawls, as it allows for clear concise information to be communicated effectively. Unfortunately, this style of map doesn't really work for this brief – it calls for a modern-contempoary design, only featuring one pub crawl. It would look rather bare. 

The map above is for The Alfreso Amble – a crawl in York similar to The Last Drop. The map uses a flat design, using illustrations of York's streets, from a bird's eye view. Similar to the previous maps, although those are based on a satellite view. 

An example of another pub crawl, the route overlaid directly over a screenshot from Google Maps. The advantage of this is that the map will actually function as a map for the location, as well as displaying the route for the crawl. However – it looks very amateur, rather than professional. 

Above is a more illustrative map, create for the film 'The World's End'. Using a a 3D illustration works well for this instance, as the fictional town of Newton Haven is very small – and York is not. However, the type, using washed out and faded colours helps add some character to the illustrations and the map, giving it a used charm. 

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