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OUGD603: Brief 4 - The Last Drop // Existing Collateral Research

Pictured below is the firth (V) rendition of The Last Drop pub crawl. This is the most recent version, which will be used as the foundation for the new route – which has been curated by myself, informed by experience and advice from pub 'connoisseurs' around York. 

Traditionally, the route must always consist of twelve pubs – always starting at The Three Tuns, which is the old favourite amongst my friends and I – form who the crawl as originally created for. It must also end at The Last Drop, where the crawl get's it's name from. 

In the sixth version – which will be created in this project, there are a few changes to the current route. 
  • Added – The Merchant Tavern,
  • Removed – Evil Eye,
  • Added – The Three Legged Mare,
  • Removed – The Golden Lion.
These changes will be reflected on the new route map. 

The logotype is very simple, and I think it needs imagery such as a symbol or icon, which can be used on collateral without any surrounding typography.

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