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OUGD603: Brief 4 - The Last Drop // Logo Initial Research

The logo needs to be developed – as it stands, the logotype is just a typeface. Not even kerned or anything. Thrown together as a placeholder, more than anything. The research within this post will inform the logotype design process. 

I've decided to look at designs for pub logotypes and symbols, trying to channel the aesthetics of the rustic pubs into the logo for the pub crawl. So when you look at the logotype, you'll be able to make that connection. Rather than it looking like a logo from an insurance company, which wouldn't be relevant.

The logotype and symbol for English Pub, uses a very gothic, traditional typeface – reflecting old England, accompanied by the lions, a symbol of British pride – and of course the beer, which has been topped with a crown to suggest the beer is almost royalty. Created in a one colour deep blue illustration, which highlights the orange of the pint. 

Examples of line illustrations, depicting contains typically used to drink out out. Using an orange to create the froth which can be found on pints. Really simple, really clean. 

A centrally alights logo, using two colours. The orange as the secondary, and the white to contrast and make it pop. Giving priority to those elements. 

The logo for The Bridge 1859, in Dublin. The logotype itself is very standard, some beautifully kerned typography, set out using heretical system – with an illustration of the landmark with gives the bar it's name sake. 

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