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OUGD603: Brief 04 - The Last Drop // Logo Development 02

Based on the progress in the last logo development phase, which was a struggle and the additional primary research which has been conducted since. I've jumped back into sketch and generated some more logo sketches – which are yet to be developed. 

The first series of sketches plays with the idea of incorporating a banner into the design of the icon. The banner is synonymous with traditional signage, which works well with the history of York. 

The second set of sketches are more free form, taking the shield from the York logo. Incorporating design elements into the shield, similar to the Treeboom labels, which you can see in the recent research posts. 

The second sketch takes reference from 'The Bridge 1859' logo, which uses an iconic landmark in the region, one of the gates from York's walls. Attempting to blend the illustration with the typography.

Selected ideas from these sketches will the taken into illustrator to be developed further. 

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