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OUGD603: Brief 04 - The Last Drop // Pattern Research

Mid way through the logo design, I've come across a lot of empty space which I need to fill. Based on the research from the Treboom brand, a pattern may be beneficial to, a welcome addition to the design which helps flesh it out.

Hopefully making the design much more intricate and sought after. Often my logos are very simple and minimal, designed using rules and ratios to get that 'smart' look. Whereas I would like this logo to be something which is looked at, stared at, up close. Taking in all it's detail.

Using two different sets of patterns triangulated together to create a detailed and tricked pattern which spreads across the background of the image. The detail of the pattern really draws you in to appreciate the design around the main content on the page. However, it doesn't distract from the main content, and that's important to bear in mind. 

The pattern on the aces of spaces, pictured above. Has an extremely detailed pattern printed within the shape. So detailed in fact, that I'm positive that if you stand back from the design, it all just blends into one colour, of sorts. Which is what I'd like to achieve with design and the pattern of The Last Drop logo. 

Pictured above is a GIF looping a series of ribbon based patterns, a very retro style. As nice as they look, I'm not sure the ribbon pattern would work with this project. They come across as a very fun and light hearted pattern, which is almost the opposite of what I would like to achieve. 

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