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OUGD603: Brief 05 - No. 7 Antiques // Initial Collateral Research

After sending over the logo amends to the client, which he was very happy with – now signed off! I have been given the go ahead to develop the collateral for the brand, pushing the new identity. 

Since this project is rather small, and No. 7 is one my clients, all I'm certain of at this point is that I won't need to create any identity guidelines, as there won't be any other designers working on the project any time soon. 

I've begun to look at what other designers have created, in terms of collateral, for projects of similar scale. 

Scott Hill creating a series of simple colour oriented range of stationery. Using the orange throughout, accenting and highlighting areas. Such as the lip on the envelope and the edges on the pencil. Which helps push the presence of the identity where the logo might become lost due to size or unnecessary because of redundant placement. 

Brice Beasley has created a small collection of collateral from Henry & Co. Using patterns of the different logo variants which would be used across the brand, from the full elegant circle logo, to the initials and the clean typography version. Which might not be relevant to this particular project, as the logotype being used in this case is restricted, so it's reduction would only consist of removing the word 'antiques', reducing it to stand alone as 'No. 7', which would be used where appropriate. 

On the back of the pattern pictured above, Fuzzco™ uses objected tiled out as a pattern with collateral for this project. Using the two different tones of green to show a subtle contrast.

Looking at the business cards of Ryan Putnam, using two colours to create a sharp contrast and excitement into business cards. Inverting the colours used, the blue and the white. Which creates a bold and beautiful contrast. 

Colin Tierney has created a collateral set for a 'save the date', for his own wedding. Aiming for a rustic traditional theme, similar to what I would want in this project. Using stamps and shades of brown throughout the design and the stock, to achieve an aged look. 

Anthony Lane, similarly to Putnam and Hill, uses the red to highlight areas of the design. Which helps push the presence of the identity further, where the logotype or icon would lack or become lost. 

Melodie Eve Pisciotti has created a vast range of collateral for Street Car. Using the blue strongly throughout the design of every entity within the range. Creating promotional items which will be used by customers or staff, to represent the brand everywhere. 

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