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OUGD603: Brief 06 - Small Brands_01_Lex Fitness // Brief and Initial Mind Map

Speaking with a new client, Lex Griffin who is a former UKBFF physique champion, and entrepreneur. Who has curated his own clothing line, 'Boom Baby! Clothing'. Also working with several supplement and gym fitness orientated companies as an ambassador – fairly accomplished to say the least.

Lex is about a launch a new diverse line of clothing – I stumbled upon some concepts for a logo, for the clothing line. I thought the existing designs were very weak, and under developed. So I offered my services as a designer to Lex. Pinged over and email with a proposal, and I received the following, in return.
Yeah I threw up that super rough design to get a reaction more than anything as we’d already vetoed anything like that (Sik Silk Esq) but just wanted to get people talking and getting ready for release J

However we have not quite dialled in what we want in terms of design….its pretty open to interpretation at this point although we do have a number of ideas we do like.
We are moving in a completely different direction now and creating clothing which is engineered to be able to train in but cut to High Street fashion. Elongated Curved hems, seam detailing, tapered lines and light weight custom blend materials that will and accentuate the body.

Target audience is the 20-early £30’s fashion and body conscious men and women

We’re different in the fact we’re bringing fashion INTO the gym as well as making it cross back in to the street. Our products will be able to be worn where ever you are and even by people just into clean cut fashion and not so much the gym.

My long term thought process was to create more of a symbol than just the !BB (the ! mark was intergrated into the original subtly and would be good to keep but not a deal breaker).

– Lex Griffin

Following his email, I threw together a mind map, expanding on the direction which Lex would like to take this logo. Outlining the target audience, their income, age and gender. Which outlines the direction this project should head in.

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