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OUGD603: Brief 10 - Japan Rugby World Cup // Further Logo Development

After some sizeable time off this brief, due to other group projects and competition briefs – all with earlier deadlines, Ewan and I put this brief on hold for a few weeks. We're just gotten back into it.

We had failed to decide on a logo for the RCW 2019 Japan, so we spent a couple of hours putting together designs and quick animation concepts for the logo. 

We tried to manipulate the Japanese flag, taking the red solid circle and transforming it into something which represents the sport of rugby. Adding rugby posts, well, subtracting them from the red circle to see if we could create any sort of effect. 

They are quite interesting, very simple. However, we don't feel that they're vert strong. They lack any real application and longevity due to their simplicity. If the lines are too thin, the design doesn't work on a small scale, if the lines are too thick you lose the shape of the circle. It just wasn't really working. 

On the back of that, I jumped into after effects. In the earlier sketches, we played with the idea of transitioning the red circle into the shape of a rugby ball. Experimenting with how that could then interact with other objects and typography to further suggest the theme of rugby. 

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