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OUGD603: YCN – Yorkshire Tea // Competition Submission Boards

Below are the boards which were submitted to YCN as part of their competition.

Based on the advise which was given to us when a member of the YCN team came and spoke with us, in December last year. Combining that with what we have been taught last academic year by Fred in the Design Principles module, and Phil and Lorraine in the Design Practice 2 module.

The YCN advice was as follows, in a nut shell.

  • Creating 8-10 boards
    • 1-2 Research
    • 3-6 Product Journey
    • 7-10 Present
  • Show originality and conceptualisation
Combining that with the methods which have been engraved into my brain from last academic year, such as large visual images, impact boards and concise copy. Avoiding any waffle or irrelevant dialogue. 

Which lead to this, in collaboration with Adam Garbutt

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