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OUGD603: Brief 04 - The Last Drop // Further Logo Development

Using some of the alternative concepts, and having a critique with Adam Garbutt and a the co-curator of the pub crawl, Naoise O'shea, I was informed to try and introduce the 'twelve element' into the logo, as they are twelve pubs. 

I went with a decagon design to begin with, which just looked like an over the top road sign, especially studded with the dots around the edge. The Odd shape made it difficult to apply any additional elements to. 

A stylised banner was created featuring the slogan from the pub crawl, using decagons as dots – which you slightly loose, however if you were to gave in closely it would be a cool spot. 

Following which, I experimented further with the twelve sided shape, rounding the edges and such. I ended up drawing inspiration from the beer craft logo, and mimicking a wax seal – with twelve sides. I then added the dotted line within this to mimic the route dotted line on the map. 

I then illustrated one of the York gates, which you can see in the background of the logo, which are synonymous with York. Which was then overplayed with the design elements, experimenting with positioning. 

I decided that using two banners on one logo was a bit too much, so reducing the banner to a block stripe which cut across the logo worked better – using a drop shadow to differentiate it from the background. 

Experimenting the colour – a deep wine red and a bold blue, which are two stand out colours. Both of which are bold, but not too vibrant or brash. I ended up going with the red – for York. 

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