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OUGD603: Brief 09 - Coffee Culture (Website) // Splash Section

Adding a quote to the main splash section of the website has been something requested by the client. Asking for something in a textured font, which would add an aged quality to the website, overlaying the video.

I tried using a font called 'trend', which had grudge elements added to it, such as textures and a pattern added to create a 3D effect. However, I don't think this really worked. It looked quite boring, not really fitting the theme.

Swapping out the typeface for a more handwritten font, which looks very handy crafted.Which goes with the theme we're after, a rustic, home made, 'crafted with care' look.

Visually, the typeface looked much better. However, on a single line, it didn't really sit right. I struggled to make the original quote sit well on the page, so I swapped out that for a different quote. Which I was able to alter, adding an increased size to the second line and also using title case, as opposed to upper case to create a more hand rendered look and feel. 

Adjusting the copy so it fits within a grid system. The vertical elements are all taken from the wireframes, whilst the horizontal lines are all created using round numbers to assure accurate spacing – it will also make this easier to develop and animate! 

Adding an additional power scroll bottom which will take you to the next section of the website automatically. 

Following my research into the side bar navigation, to show where you are on the page and also allowing a quick click to where you need to be – or a scroll. I created this, using the mouse icon to show you than you can scroll down the page, the line at the top of the mouse creates the scroller and using the negative space around it, it creates the look of the left and right click. 

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