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OUGD603: Brief 3 - SAC Ampleforth // Primal Gym Study

Whilst at the gym the other day, I spoke to a couple of members and one of them mentioned Primal Gym, Leeds Dock – I gave it a google to see what it was like in terms of facilities, only to find a pretty tidy website. 

Greeted with a full width splash image – the responsive web design assuring the entire screen from edge to edge is filled. Using a well framed photography to bring the page to life. A power scroll button, in the form of a down arrow. 

The website takes the form of a micro site, a single page scrolling website. So the top navigation is compact and acts as a power scroll to the relevant content. 

The about section, really simple responsive type, nothing complex. All the images on the website are presented in a parallax format, which adds a new dynamic perspective to the website – adding motion!

Full width images dominating the page throughout. 

Colour coded classes – similar to how SAC's classes are depicted. 

Membership plans presented in an interesting format, paying particular attention the main factor, the price – and all the T+Cs in smaller REM below. 

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