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OUGD603: Progress Tutorial

I had a quick twenty minute tutorial to see how I'm managing with my briefs, just to see if I'm on the right track with them - if the timescales are appropriate, the briefs work, feasible, and any other advice I might need - I could only benefit. 

I am Anthony White, I am a designer focusing on identity and web design. 

I talked Amber through all my briefs, and fortunately there wasn't a massive amount of negative feedback, just a few things to change, which shouldn't take me too long. I presented the briefs from an earlier post on this blog, which were at the time of the tutorial the briefs I was going to work on.

The first alteration I need to amend to all my briefs is adding a list of deliverables, just to make it easier to be assessed upon submission. It also makes it clear what I will be submitting.

Regarding an individual brief, SAC Ampleforth brief, it was suggested that I divide the brief up into two briefs. One for the overarching brand, the identity design and proposed/created collateral, and another for the web design - all of this together makes a substantial brief. It would be unlikely that I would finish it all in time for Christmas, when roughly half the module is to be assessed. 

This could also be done to the Coffee Culture brief. 

The 'Rebranding' brief is to be axed and moved to PPP, we have to rebrand ourselves as part of that module, it makes no sense doing it twice.

Smaller briefs, such as the branding for friends - such as the brief for Naoise O'shea could also be pushed together into one brief. If all I'm doing is designing logos and business cards, I could almost create a logofolio as the deliverable for this brief. 

All my briefs are ultimately based off something which does exist. Not all of them are live, as the client might not want a rebrand or a new website - however it would be beneficial to show it to them, explain what I'm doing and get some feedback - as though the brief was actually live. 

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