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OUGD603: Brief 10 - Japan Rugby World Cup // Iconography Development 01

To accompany the logotype, which Ewan is working on. I've begun to develop an icon/symbol which will embody Japan and it's culture, the ultra-modern developing world and the Rugby world cup. I've attempted to intertwine the two together, quite literally. 

Using the levitating maglev train, and elements of the Tokyo skyline – both urban and natural, to take the form of the Web Ellis Rugby World Cup trophy. Using Mount Fuji to create the dome of the cup, and the maglev train spiralling up the trophy. 

An additional annotated screenshot of the illustration, with additional element such as the the Tokyo skyline and the smoke from the volcano. Which mimic aspects of the trophy. I will transfer this into illustrator to create a vectorised, improved and more precise version of the illustration. 

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