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OUGD603: Brief 15 - YCN Yorkshire Tea // Box Net Development

As part of the development from Yorkshire Tea. We've created a mock up for the box, so we can get an idea of how our plan and design concept will pan out, as it's difficult to tell on screen. It would also be beneficial in critiques, as it's easier to convey our concept with physical mock ups. 

Thankfully, I had a Yorkshire box handy. I deconstructed the packaging to reveal it's net. Which i was able to measure up and recreate in Illustrator, as seen below. All the dimensions have been measured and the net is completely accurate to the original. 

Since the net is 100% accurate to the box, we will be reusing it at a later stage in the design to apply the final design to. However, in this case we're going to reduce the size of the box by around 10%, so the packaging fits onto A3 – to reduce costs for development. 

How the mock up net looks with the added design concept Adam and I have created. We've left the back part of the net red, as it will only be filled with copy, which will be taken directly from the Yorkshire tea box.

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