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OUGD603: Progress Tutorial

I engaged in a progress tutorial with Simon Jones, earlier today – to see how the term is going, so far. I was looking for some advice and confirmation what I was on track with the briefs I'm undertaking. I was also able to get some feedback on a couple of briefs which are currently being worked on.

Simon seemed happy with my progress and workflow at this stage of the year, having it  “all in hand”.  I feel like I've still got a lot to do, however I've just got to crack on with it, really.

I've not really had much contact time with Simon previously, so I showed him some of the completed briefs, so he was able to get an idea of what I'm about – in terms of design.

I spoke with Simon about the YCN Yorkshire Tea brief, which I'm undertaking as a collaborative brief with Adam Garbutt. A brief which we've made some good progress in, but we're not sure if it's an appropriate direction. We've used photography instead of the traditional watercolour to bring new life to the packaging – in attempted to appeal to a younger audience. Simon commented that perhaps photography might not be the best direction, as the dated water colour has a 'tweedyness' to it. Which reminds you of Yorkshire.

Of course, the photography direction was only one of our ideas so far, we will be taking the 'tweedyness' into account when developing our packaging further.

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