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OUGD603: Brief 7 - Coffee Culture // Identity Guidelines 01

Before I can create any of the collateral for Coffee Culture, now that the logo and colour scheme have been decided, I need to create the identity guidelines, which will dictate how the rest of the design work will look and function, so it all works together as a set. Identity guidelines are also useful if another designer or individual were to do work for Coffee Culture they would know how to keep to the style.

To mix things up I decided to make the booklet A5 landscape, which I don't often do. I plan on using a ring binding or something similar if I am to print this off, so I've created a decent sized margin on the inside of the spreads so none of the content is lost. 

The logo has been inverted to it's secondary colour, the slightly off-white, white. Which then sits on a soft focus background, as not to distract from the content, and so the sub heading below the logotype is readable. 

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